Mark Indovina

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There has traditionally been significant engineering overhead required for the integration of multi-vendor tool and IP design methodologies. Making design-chain integration efficient is the key objective of the SPIRIT Consortium. This special session paper provides an insight into how the specifications of the SPIRIT consortium are being adopted in the(More)
Fixed-angle rotation operation of vectors is widely used in signal processing, graphics, and robotics. Various optimized coordinate rotation digital computer (CORDIC) designs have been proposed for uniform rotation of vectors through known and specified angles. Nevertheless, in the presence of faults, such hardware architectures are potentially vulnerable.(More)
Wireless interconnects are capable of establishing energy-efficient intra and inter-chip data communications. This paper introduces a circuit level design of an energy-efficient millimeter-wave (mm-wave) non-coherent on-off keying (OOK) receiver suitable for such wireless interconnects in 45-nm CMOS process. The receiver consists of a simple two-stage(More)
The Viterbi algorithm is commonly applied in a number of sensitive usage models including decoding convolutional codes used in communications such as satellite communication, cellular relay, and wireless local area networks. Moreover, the algorithm has been applied to automatic speech recognition and storage devices. In this thesis, efficient error(More)
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