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A Bayesian framework for word segmentation: Exploring the effects of context
Since the experiments of Saffran et al. [Saffran, J., Aslin, R., & Newport, E. (1996). Statistical learning in 8-month-old infants. Science, 274, 1926-1928], there has been a great deal of interestExpand
Integrating the Supply Chain … 25 years on
Purpose – Twenty-five years ago IJPDLM published “Integrating the Supply Chain” (Stevens, 1989). The purpose of that original work was to examine the state-of-the-art in supply chain managementExpand
RFID in the supply chain : lessons from European early adopters
Purpose – Radio frequency identification (RFID) is increasingly being presented as a technology with the potential to improve supply chain performance, but empirical evidence from early adopters isExpand
Beauty and Power: Transgendering and Cultural Transformation in the Southern Philippines
This compelling study of gender and sexual diversity in the Southern Philippines addresses general questions about the relationship between the making of gender and sexualities, the politics ofExpand
Mission Profile-Based Reliability Design and Real-Time Life Consumption Estimation in Power Electronics
Power electronics are efficient for conversion and conditioning of the electrical energy through a wide range of applications. Proper life consumption estimation methods applied for power electronicsExpand
The relationships between supply chain and firm performance
Purpose – Supply chains directly influence the differentiation and cost of a firm's products and services and its exposure to risk. The purpose of this paper is to use secondary financial data toExpand
Follow the leader or the pack? Regulatory focus and academic entrepreneurial intentions
Drawing on the academic entrepreneurship and regulatory focus theory literature, and applying a multilevel per- spective, this paper examines why university academics intend to engage in formalExpand
Design and development of a high-density, high-speed 10 kV SiC MOSFET module
High-density packaging of fast-switching power semiconductors typically requires low parasitic inductance, high heat extraction, and high thermo-mechanical reliability. High-density packaging ofExpand
Embodied Knowing Through Art