Mark I. Parsons

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OBJECTIVE To explore women's experiences of taking adjuvant endocrine therapy as a treatment for breast cancer and how their beliefs about the purpose of the medication, side effects experienced and interactions with health professionals might influence adherence. DESIGN Qualitative study using semistructured, one-to-one interviews. SETTING 2 hospitals(More)
In the first experiment, after establishing baseline composition rates in each classroom, timing (announcing time limits) and feedback (student self-scoring) were introduced followed by the introduction, removal, and reintroduction of public posting of highest scores. Timing and feedback improved story writing performance and public posting of highest(More)
The use of FPGAs for general-purpose supercomputing is being investigated by several projects worldwide. The FPGA High Performance Computing Alliance (FHPCA) is developing HPC solutions for real-world applications using FPGAs. It has built a 64-FPGA supercomputer located in Scotland.The widespread take-up of FPGAs will only occur when they are more easily(More)
A rare case of a lady with acute hypokalemic quadriparesis and underlying distal renal tubular acidosis manifesting as a presentation of Sjögren's syndrome is described. The case highlights the concept that acute hypokalemia due to unrecognized renal tubular acidosis may unmask Sjögren's syndrome in patients without sicca symptoms and it may be a marker of(More)
Action to reduce anthropogenic impact on the environment and species within it will be most effective when targeted towards activities that have the greatest impact on biodiversity. To do this effectively we need to better understand the relative importance of different activities and how they drive changes in species' populations. Here, we present a novel,(More)
In October of 1997, a year-long collaborative project was started between Hitachi Europe Limited (HEL) and the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC) at the University of Edinburgh. This project had the goal of producing an environment whereby Java programs may be executed on the Hitachi SR2201 distributed memory multi-processor machine. The two key(More)