Mark I Liddington

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The spinal manifestations of neurofibromatosis include cervicothoracic kyphosis, in which scalloping of the vertebral body and erosion of the pedicles may render conventional techniques of fixation impossible. We describe a case of cervicothoracic kyphosis managed operatively with a vascularised fibular graft anteriorly across the apex of the kyphus,(More)
The goal of reconstruction of the skull base is to repair dural defects with a watertight seal and separate it from the nasopharynx and the exterior environment with well vascularised tissue. This prevents cerebro-spinal fluid leakage and secondary contamination leading to the potentially life threatening complications of meningitis or extradural abscess.(More)
Fistula formation following laryngectomy, most commonly pharyngocutaneous, is the most feared non-fatal complication with an incidence range from 5 to 30%. Tracheoesophageal fistulae are rare and are, most often, associated with the creation of a surgical speech fistula or the stomal recurrence of a malignant tumour. We present five cases of complex(More)
The thermographic assessment of burns using infrared imaging has previously been shown to be a useful aid in the estimation of burn depth. In this study, thermographic images of burns, obtained from 65 patients over a 4-year period, were reviewed. An infrared transparent, water-impermeable membrane was used as a wound cover to abolish evaporative cooling(More)
OBJECT The object of this study was to clarify whether improved developmental attainment following surgical correction of sagittal synostosis (SS), previously identified at initial postoperative assessment, is maintained at longer-term follow-up at 5 years of age. METHODS The study involved 32 children with SS who underwent corrective surgery at a mean (±(More)
BACKGROUND Free tissue transfers must survive in order to achieve their surgical goals. There is little consensus about managing the 'failing' free flap, and practice is often guided by anecdote. MATERIAL AND METHODS We have prospectively collected data about all free flaps performed within our department between 1985 and 2008 (2569 flaps). We identified(More)
Our unit has implemented an algorithm for irradiated perineal reconstruction incorporating current evidence and a new technique in line with the advent of laparoscopic tumour excision. Our approach attempts to maintain the benefits patients derive from minimally invasive oncological surgery. Four consecutive patients had uterine retroversion to obturate(More)
Nasal dermoid sinus cysts (NDSCs) are rare congenital anomalies affecting approximately 1 in 30,000 live births. Nasal dermoid sinus cysts are unsightly, prone to infection, and, importantly, may communicate with the central nervous system. Treatment is complete surgical excision. This study retrospectively evaluated management of a large single-center(More)
Desmoid fibromatosis (also known as infantile or aggressive fibromatosis) is a rare soft tissue tumour that is occasionally seen in children. Although histologically benign, its growth pattern is highly aggressive often showing invasion of surrounding musculature and bone. Frequently found in cosmetically sensitive areas, complete excision can present a(More)