Mark Hung-Chih Chen

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Some freshwater (FW) teleosts are capable of acclimating to seawater (SW) when challenged; however, the related energetic and physiological consequences are still unclear. This study was conducted to examine the changes in expression of gill Na(+)-K(+)-ATPase and creatine kinase (CK) in tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) as the acute responses to transfer(More)
Artificial bone grafting is widely used in current orthopedic surgery for bone defect problems. Unfortunately, surgeons remain unsatisfied with the current commercially available products. One of the major complaints is that these products cannot provide sufficient mechanical strength to support the human skeletal structure. In this study, we aimed to(More)
The iron L-shell ions (Fe 17+ to Fe 23+) play an important role in determining the thermal and ionization structures and line emission from photoionized plasmas. Current uncertainties in the theoretical low temperature dielectronic recombination (DR) rate coefficients for these ions significantly affect our ability to model and interpret the line emission(More)
[4] C. Altona and M. Sundaralingam. Conformational analysis of the sugar ring in nucleosides and nucleotides. A new description using the concept of pseu-dorotation. [7] A. A. Barker. Monte Carlo calculation of the radial distribution functions for a proton-electron plasma. simulations theory and initial comparison with molecular dynamics.
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