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This paper presents a camera that samples the 4D light field on its sensor in a single photographic exposure. This is achieved by inserting a microlens array between the sensor and main lens, creating a plenoptic camera. Each microlens measures not just the total amount of light deposited at that location, but how much light arrives along each ray. By(More)
The FLASH multiprocessor efficiently integrates support for cache-coherent shared memory and high-performance message passing, while minimizing both hardware and software overhead. Each node in FLASH contains a microprocessor, a portion of the machine's global memory, a port to the interconnection network, an I/O interface, and a custom node controller(More)
The overall goals and major features of the directory architecture for shared memory (Dash) are presented. The fundamental premise behind the architecture is that it is possible to build a scalable high-performance machine with a single address space and coherent caches. The Dash architecture is scalable in that it achieves linear or near-linear performance(More)
In Software Defined Networking (SDN) the control plane is physically separate from the forwarding plane. Control software programs the forwarding plane (e.g., switches and routers) using an open interface, such as OpenFlow. This paper aims to overcomes two limitations in current switching chips and the OpenFlow protocol: i) current hardware switches are(More)
Although there have been attempts to develop code transformations that yield tamper-resistant software, no reliable software-only methods are known. This paper studies the hardware implementation of a form of execute-only memory (XOM) that allows instructions stored in memory to be executed but not otherwise manipulated. To support XOM code we use a machine(More)
— This paper investigates the effect of lowering the supply and threshold voltages on the energy efficiency of CMOS circuits. Using a first-order model of the energy and delay of a CMOS circuit, we show that lowering the supply and threshold voltage is generally advantageous, especially when the transistors are velocity saturated and the nodes have a high(More)
This paper concerns a method for digital circuit optimization based on formulating the problem as a geometric program (GP) or generalized geometric program (GGP), which can be transformed to a convex optimization problem and then very efficiently solved. We start with a basic gate scaling problem, with delay modeled as a simple resistor-capacitor (RC) time(More)
—Domino circuits are widely used in high-performance CMOS microprocessors. However, textbook domino pipelines suffer significant timing overhead from clock skew, latch delay, and the inability to borrow time. To eliminate this overhead, some designers provide multiple overlapping clock phases such that domino gates are always ready for evaluation by the(More)
In the mouse, each class of olfactory receptor neurons expressing a given odorant receptor has convergent axonal projections to two specific glomeruli in the olfactory bulb, thereby creating an odour map. However, it is unclear how this map is represented in the olfactory cortex. Here we combine rabies-virus-dependent retrograde mono-trans-synaptic(More)