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13 This document describes how to use Kerberos [Kerb] tickets (specifically the AP-REQ 14 packet) with the WS-Security [WSS] specification. 15 Status: 16 This is an interim draft. Please send comments to the editors. 17 18 Committee members should send comments on this specification to the wss@lists.oasis-19 open.org list. Others should subscribe to and(More)
An important aspect of traceability experiments is the ability to compare techniques. In order to assure proper comparison, it is necessary to perform statistical analysis of the dependent variables collected from technique application. Currently, there is a lack of components in TraceLab to support such analysis. The Software Verification and Validation(More)
Software bugs contribute to the cost of ownership for consumers in a software-driven society and can potentially lead to devastating failures. Software testing, including functional testing and structural testing, remains a common method for uncovering faults and assessing dependability of software systems. To enhance testing effectiveness, the developed(More)
Researchers in software testing are often faced with the following problem of empirical validation: does a new testing technique actually help analysts find more faults than some baseline method? Researchers evaluate their contribution using statistics to refute the null hypothesis that their technique is no better at finding faults than the state of the(More)
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