Mark H. Michalski

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The world of genomics is transforming medicine, and is likely to influence the future development of new drugs, diagnostics, and vaccines. To date, the greater focus of genomics and medicine has been on conditions affecting resourcewealthy settings, primarily involving scientists and companies in those settings. However, we believe that it is possible to(More)
A conventional explanation of the correlation between the Pioneer 10/11 anomalous acceleration and spin-rate change is given. First, the rotational Doppler shift analysis is improved. Finally, a relation between the radio beam reaction force and the spin-rate change is established. Computations are found in good agreement with observational data. The(More)
Control algorithms for the multiplane baseline switching network are considered in this paper. The first algorithm do not take into account the crosstalk in switching element, while the second algorithm allows to omit the first order crosstalk. In both cases we have derived wide-sense non-blocking conditions. It is also shown that these algorithms require(More)
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