Mark H. Harvey

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This retrospective review covers our experience over 5 years of 436 hernia repairs in 392 children upto the age of 15 years. The number of emergency presentations was 71 (18.1 per cent) and 66.2 per cent of these were under the age of 12 months. Most cases were initially treated conservatively and only 18 children required operation on the day of admission.(More)
The relationship between pancreatic duct pressure, duct permeability to macromolecules and the development of acute pancreatitis was studied in a cat model. Perfusion of the pancreatic duct with 15 mM glycodeoxycholic acid, ethanol administration, or secretagogue-stimulated pancreatic secretion against greater than 50 per cent duct obstruction resulted in(More)
We investigated the effect of intravenous and intragastric ethanol on pancreatic duct pressure, duct permeability to dextran molecules (20,000 molecular weight), and on the development of acute pancreatitis in an experimental model of the disease. Intragastric ethanol caused a small increase in pancreatic duct pressure (6 to 7 mm Hg) and an increase in duct(More)
Laparoscopic cholecystectomy is now widely practised in the Western world. One of the more common and often neglected complications is perforation of the gallbladder and spillage of bile and stones. With careful attention to technique this should be a rare complication. The effect of bile and stone spillage may depend on the presence or absence of biliary(More)