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BACKGROUND Several transitions that a woman experiences prenatally may influence her desire or ability to discontinue smoking. This study explores the role of smoking for young, Appalachian, nulliparous pregnant women and their plans for smoking during their pregnancies. RESULTS The reports of women and their male partners were taken from baseline(More)
Current shoulder rehabilitation programs encourage scapular stabilization components although, to date, no scientific studies have evaluated changes in scapular position following such rehabilitation. Four different measurement methods of scapular position have been reported in the literature. The purpose of this study was to examine the intratester and(More)
BACKGROUND Many women throughout the world have history of subfertility (resolved or unresolved), but much remains unknown about services and treatments chosen. METHODS We developed a mixed-mode fertility experiences questionnaire (FEQ) in 2009 through literature review and iterative pilot work to optimize question format and mode of administration. The(More)
We evaluated the reliability of static and dynamic lumbar muscle endurance measurements on a BackUP lumbar extension dynamometer. Sixteen healthy participants (8 male; 8 female) volunteered for this investigation. Fifty percent of each participant's body weight was calculated to determine the weight load utilized for the static (holding time) and dynamic(More)
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