Mark Guglielmetti

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The crown vegetation of a deciduous forest is known to be semitransparent at low microwave frequencies, and leaf litter covering the forest soil has been recognized to have a significant impact on ground emission. The proposed approach for modeling the L-band radiative transfer through leaf litter consists of an isotropic effective medium approach for the(More)
The ways in which digital technologies find themselves integrated into society are influenced to a significant degree by cultural conventions. In Western culture there is a tendency to consider digital technology in terms of hardware and software that is introduced into various processes to enable us to work more efficiently and better negotiate our(More)
The concept of a “strange ontology” is articulated via the intersection of philosophical and computational definitions of ontology. Within digital media, each simulated world requires both; an ontology, to define its existence as data; and a subject, the player or user, who engages with the simulation. Glitches or interventions in these(More)
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