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Over the past six years, the nation has moved rapidly from punch cards and levers to electronic voting systems. These new systems have occasionally presented election officials with puzzling technical irregularities. The national experience has included unexpected and unexplained incidents in each phase of the election process: preparations, balloting,(More)
The possible role of carbohydrate binding proteins (lectins) and glycoconjugates in the formation of junctions ensuring tightening between ependymal cells was studied using synthetic glycoconjugates, the neoglycoproteins. These compounds are prepared by substituting bovine serum albumin with sugar residues and additional labelling (or not) with fluorescein(More)
Ependymal cells in culture and in vivo were treated with mixture of galactocerebrosides. Galactocerebroside is the major glycolipid of myelin and in demyelinating diseases is found in cerebrospinal fluid. Morphological changes induced by this treatment were examined by microscopy at both optical and ultrastructural levels. In vitro, cilia, microvilli, and(More)
It is generally accepted that L-3,5,3'-triiodothyronine (L-T3) acts at the genomic level through an interaction with specific nuclear L-T3 receptors (NT3R). Using antibodies raised against different peptides of NT3R, we report here the immunocytochemical localization of the alpha, alpha 2, beta 1 NT3R subtypes in ependymal cell primary cultures. The alpha(More)
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