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The ultrastructure of telophase to interphase has been followed in a green alga, Spirogyra submargaritata. A series of changes transitional between the late anaphase chromatid, the decondensing chromatid of telophase, and the 'pale fibrillar material' occupying channels in the nucleolus at interphase have been demonstrated. Early stages in the regeneration(More)
Evidence is presented for the existence of a localised kinetochore with stratified fine structure in Cladophora and in Spirogyra. In the latter, there is the possibility of two kinetochores on the longer chromosomes. There is no evidence for a diffuse kinetochore. The nucleolus persists during mitosis in Cladophora on the nucleolar organising chromosomes,(More)
Electron microscopy of nuclear division in young cysts ofAcetabularia wettsteinii shows that the dividing nucleus hat two additional cisternae of endoplasmic reticulum immediately outside the nuclear envelope. These additional cisternae are attached to, and apparently formed from a membrane body which develops outside the nucleus in early prophase. The(More)
The ultrastructure of somatic mitosis in the germlings of Apoglossum ruscifolium, Kylin, fixed from its natural habitat, was examined to investigate spindle-pole development and the role of the 'polar ring'. It was found that the polar ring originates from a special nuclear pore raised above a small projection of the nuclear envelope. The initiation of(More)
In early 1990, Taco Bell launched a major study to develop a comprehensive and integrated Labor Management System in order to manage and optimize a payroll that exceeds $500 million per year. The core of this system is an object oriented simulation model that determines the amount and deployment of labor required in a restaurant in order to meet a given(More)
Observations with light and electron microscopes indicate the presence of a localized kinetochore in the phytoflagellate Vacuolaria virescens Cienk. (class Chloromonadophyceae). Thus, metaphase chromosomes have a clearly defined constriction which stains less densely than the remainder of the chromosome; at late metaphase the chromatids separate at definite(More)
Interspecific crosses were attempted between eleven species ofLinum, and those betweenL. usitatissimum, L. pallescens andL. africanum were successful. In these crosses the F1 hybrid plants greatly exceeded the parental species in plant height, giving thereby greater length of fibre which could be of economic importance. The seed formation in the F1 plants(More)