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BACKGROUND Several transitions that a woman experiences prenatally may influence her desire or ability to discontinue smoking. This study explores the role of smoking for young, Appalachian, nulliparous pregnant women and their plans for smoking during their pregnancies. RESULTS The reports of women and their male partners were taken from baseline(More)
BACKGROUND The sperm chromatin of fertile men retains a small number of nucleosomes that are enriched at developmental gene promoters and imprinted gene loci. This unique chromatin packaging at certain gene promoters provides these genomic loci the ability to convey instructive epigenetic information to the zygote, potentially expanding the role and(More)
SUMMARY Apollo is a genome annotation-editing tool with an easy to use graphical interface. It is a component of the GMOD project, with ongoing development driven by the community. Recent additions to the software include support for the generic feature format version 3 (GFF3), continuous transcriptome data, a full Chado database interface, integration with(More)
While looking at a point in the scene, humans continually perform smooth eye movements to compensate for involuntary head rotations. Since the optical nodal points of the eyes do not lie on the head rotation axes, this behavior yields useful 3-D information in the form of visual parallax. Here, we describe the replication of this behavior in a humanoid(More)
Obesity has a negative effect on male reproductive function. It is associated with low testosterone levels and alteration in gonadotropin secretion. Male obesity has been linked to reduced male fertility. Data regarding the relation of obesity to sperm parameters are conflicting in terms of the nature and magnitude of the effect. New areas of interest are(More)
Background: The sperm penetration assay (SPA) is used to predict the fertilizing capacity of sperm. Thus, some programs rely on SPA scores to formulate insemination plans in conjunction with in-vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles. The purpose of this study was to evaluate if a relationship exists between SPA scores and polyspermy rates during conventional IVF(More)
BACKGROUND Many women throughout the world have history of subfertility (resolved or unresolved), but much remains unknown about services and treatments chosen. METHODS We developed a mixed-mode fertility experiences questionnaire (FEQ) in 2009 through literature review and iterative pilot work to optimize question format and mode of administration. The(More)
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