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Dilitazem, a coronary vasodilating agent, after oral administration of four different doses, was well and rapidly absorbed. The pharmacokinetics of the drug followed a two-compartment model, with a rapid distribution and an elimination with a half-life of 4-7 hours. After chronic treatment the pharmacokinetic parameters were practically unchanged and(More)
1 Plasma concentrations of oxprenolol have been compared in six healthy volunteers after 80 and 160 mg doses of a new slow release (SR) oxprenolol preparation, after an 80 ng dose of conventional oxprenolol (CO), and after the second of two 80 mg doses of conventional oxprenolol given 12 h apart. Basal pulse rates and blood pressures, and pulse rates before(More)
Psychotropic drugs are prescribed to modify human behavior but they have persistent central sedative activity which may become a troublesome side-effect. Alcohol is known to interact with psychotropes, often to potentiate their central effects. We have previously shown that residues of some hypnotic drugs persist in the body for up to a week after a single(More)
1 A breathalyser has been used to measure blood alcohol levels at short intervals to produce an absorption curve which we have shown is reproducible. 2 Changes in the rate of absorption which reflect changes in gastric emptying times produced by metoclopromide and propantheline have been demonstrated. 3 The breathalyser technique described appears to offer(More)
1. Plasma pethidine levels have been monitored after the administration of 1.5 mg/kg intramuscularly to a group of young (under 30) and old (over 70) subjects. 2. Plasma levels were consistently higher in the old group, this was most marked for the first three hours but for most of the study there was a more than two-fold difference. 3. Differences in(More)
A gas cromatographic method for the determination of the benzothiazepine diltiazem together with its major metabolite desacetydilitiazem, is described. Silylation of the desacetyl derivative separates the metabolite from the parent drug on a 1% OV-17 column and cyclopam is used as an internal reference standard. The compounds are analysed by means of a(More)