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Poly(vinyl alcohol)-tetrahydroxyborate (PVA-THB) hydrogels are dilatant formulations with potential for topical wound management. To support this contention, the physical properties, rheological(More)
Poly(vinyl alcohol)-borate complexes were evaluated as a potentially novel drug delivery platform suitable for in vivo use in photodynamic antimicrobial chemotherapy (PACT) of wound infections. An(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE We test the hypothesis that anesthesia, measured as pain scores, induced by a novel topical anesthetic putty is non-inferior (margin=1.3) to that provided by conventional lidocaine(More)
Polyol sugars, displaying a plurality of hydroxyl groups, were shown to modulate tetrahydroxyborate (borate) cross-linking in lidocaine hydrochloride containing poly(vinyl alcohol) semi-solid(More)