Mark G Boocock

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Continuous measurement of changing limb segment angle is possible using a recently introduced flexible electrogoniometer but, unfortunately, the magnitude of linear displacements occurring during flexion and extension of the trunk has prevented its use as a measure of spinal mobility and posture. To overcome this limitation, a specially constructed,(More)
Considered from medical, social or economic perspectives, the cost of musculoskeletal injuries experienced in the workplace is substantial, and there is a need to identify the most efficacious interventions for their effective prevention, management and rehabilitation. Previous reviews have highlighted the limited number of studies that focus on upper(More)
The objective of the present study was to determine whether differences in the frictional properties of a floor surface may affect the kinematics and kinetics of pushing and pulling. Eight male participants were required to push and pull a four-wheeled trolley over two level surfaces, on which were mounted floor coverings with good (safety floor) and(More)
OBJECTIVE A frequently cited problem in epidemiological research is the inadequate operational definition of umbrella terms such as Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD). Specific conditions attached to these labels and their corresponding signs and symptoms are also poorly defined. The purpose of this study was to identify internationally applied terminology and(More)
This study investigated the effects of warning and lifting-induced fatigue on trunk muscle activity and postural responses to sudden loading. Thirty-one male subjects were subjected to sudden loading of a hand-held box with and without prior warning, before and after either lifting-induced fatigue or light callisthenic exercises. Results showed that warning(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish the effectiveness of eccentric exercise as a treatment intervention for lateral epicondylitis. DATA SOURCES ProQuest, Medline via EBSCO, AMED, Scopus, Web of Science, CINAHL. REVIEW METHODS A systematic review was undertaken to identify randomized and controlled clinical trials incorporating eccentric exercise as a treatment for(More)
BACKGROUND Age is considered a risk factor for manual handling-related injuries and older workers incur higher injury-related costs than younger co-workers. This study investigated the differences between the kinematics and kinetics of repetitive lifting in two groups of handlers of different ages. METHODS Fourteen younger (mean 24.4 yr) and 14 older(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the short-term effects of recreational running on the deformation of knee articular cartilage and to examine the relationship between changes in knee cartilage volume and biomechanical modulators of knee joint load. METHOD Twenty healthy volunteers participated in a two phase cross-sectional study. Session 1 involved Magnetic(More)
BACKGROUND Axial rotation of the trunk is important to many vocational tasks and activities of daily living, and may be associated with back injuries. The influence of spinal postures on trunk rotation appears conflicting. This study investigated the influence of forward trunk inclination, spinal posture and pelvic fixation on maximum trunk rotation. (More)
Physiological, perceptual and physical responses to a typical circuit weight-training (CWT) regimen were recorded in two studies. The aims were to assess the intensity of exercise during CWT; and to determine whether physical responses as evaluated by spinal shrinkage were related to physiological and perceptual responses to CWT. In the first study (n = 10)(More)