Mark Fuhrmann

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Fires in residential and commercial properties are not uncommon. If such fires involve the roof, photovoltaic arrays mounted on the roof will be exposed to the flames. The amount of cadmium that can be released in fires involving CdTe PV and the magnitude of associated health risks has been debated. The current study aims in delineating this issue. Previous(More)
Research indicates transitways are improving mobility, spurring economic growth and development, and supporting equity TransiTway impaCTs researCh program CTS 13-29 This summary represents the results of the authors and does not necessarily represent the views or policies of the University of Minnesota. Preface The Transitway Impacts Research Program (TIRP)(More)
Excellent progress has been made toward understanding the physiology and pharmacology of specific calcium-related cellular processes of the brain, but few studies have provided an integrated view of brain calcium kinetics. To further the knowledge of the size and binding properties of brain calcium compartments, the authors have conducted a series of(More)
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