Mark Fischer

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The extraocular muscles (EOMs) are a unique group of specialized muscles that are anatomically and physiologically distinct from other skeletal muscles. Perhaps the most striking characteristic of the EOMs is their differential sensitivity to disease. EOMs are spared in Duchenne's muscular dystrophy (DMD) despite widespread involvement of other skeletal(More)
In 2009, the American Thoracic Society (ATS) funded an assembly project, Palliative Management of Dyspnea Crisis, to focus on identification, management, and optimal resource utilization for effective palliation of acute episodes of dyspnea. We conducted a comprehensive search of the medical literature and evaluated available evidence from systematic(More)
Three theories new to cognitive anthropology are proposed and either tested or supported with empirical evidence. First, predictive cohesion theory suggests the cohesion and consensus hypothesis of cultural sharing. Structural cohesion is a formal network measure that identifies the group boundaries for which the redundancy or multiconnectivity of ties is(More)
In recent times the cooperation of autonomous robots has been gaining more and more interest. The interchange of objects is a class of primitive task which repeat in many complex tasks for interacting manipulators. Due to uncertainties in the real world, a robust interchange task execution is needed. The required robustness is achieved by sensor control. We(More)
Clusters composed of fast personal computers are now w ell established as cheap and eecient platforms for distributed and parallel applications. The main drawback of a standard NOWs is the poor performance of the standard inter-process communication mechanisms based on RPC, sockets, TCPPIP, Ethernet. Such standard communication mechanisms perform poorly(More)
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