Mark Fichman

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Research Article Tat Koon Koh Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Mark Fichman Carnegie Mellon University Robert E. Kraut Carnegie Mellon University This study focuses on trust formation and development in global buyer-supplier relationships. Trust affects all business relationships, especially global(More)
Missing data is a common problem in psychological research. Missing data can occur due to attrition in a longitudinal study or non-response to questionnaire items in a laboratory or field setting. Improper treatments of missing data (e.g., listwise deletion, mean imputation) can lead to biased statistical inference using complete case analysis statistical(More)
This study is about the adoption of Web-based transactional banking (WBTB). A theoretical model integrating the efficiency-choice and neo-institutional perspectives was developed and tested using data from the population of all banks and thrifts in the United States. Does the Internet level the competitive landscape for small firms? Our results show that(More)
Our research analyzes users’ preferences for two-sided exchange networks that serve distinct but interdependent types of users (e.g. buyers and suppliers). To do this we look at multi-homing users’ participation on multiple independent and competing platforms. We use a unique dataset of 118 multihoming buyers’ participation in two online exchanges and(More)
Four experiments are reported in which respondents were presented with one or more written passages, describing the face of an actor who was portraying a particular emotional expression (e.g., surprise). After reading each message ensemble, the respondents attempted to select the appropriate targetreferent from an array of 24 photographs showing the same(More)
I examine the role of explaining variance in the construction of explanatory theory. Explaining variance can be an insufficient basis for evaluating a theory (Lieberson, 1985). Starting with this insight, I suggest that models that provide explanations of variance do not necessarily provide good explanations of causal mechanisms. I then explore the utility(More)
Trust is important in all business, but especially in global e-commerce, even as it is more difficult to develop. This study examines two antecedents of trust in global B2B e-commerce highlighted by information signaling theory: (1) buyers‟ perceptions of the integrity and legal structure of the suppliers‟ country of origin, and (2) third-party(More)