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This study is about the adoption of Web-based transactional banking (WBTB). A theoretical model integrating the efficiency-choice and neo-institutional perspectives was developed and tested using data from the population of all banks and thrifts in the United States. Does the Internet level the competitive landscape for small firms? Our results show that(More)
Research Article This study focuses on trust formation and development in global buyer-supplier relationships. Trust affects all business relationships, especially global business-to-business (B2B) transactions due to the distances between buyers and suppliers. We use information signaling theory to examine how information indices and signals affect buyers'(More)
Our research analyzes users' preferences for two-sided exchange networks that serve distinct but interdependent types of users (e.g. buyers and suppliers). To do this we look at multi-homing users' participation on multiple independent and competing platforms. We use a unique dataset of 118 multi-homing buyers' participation in two online exchanges and(More)
One of the key activities in designing software is developing explicit rules or theories about the problem domain. We investigated two factors expected to influence rule development the designer's level of prior experience in the problem domain and the designer's problem representation. Our experimental results indicate that higher problem domain experience(More)
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