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Mayor is a real-time player of the popular simulation game SimCity. Since SimCity is a complex, dynamic world, players must make do with a partial understanding of how the world works. Mayor contends with an incomplete world model by using a case-based planner which repairs plans on expectation failures, and with experience can improve its case library.(More)
Classical planning is useful because it generates a partially ordered set of steps to achieve a goal consistent with the planner's world model. Situated activity is useful for agents which responds quickly to changes in the interactive world. Unfortunately, everyday-world activity cannot rely on the costly, brittle plans of a theorem proving, nor can it(More)
Researchers who build autonomous agents are primarily interested in integrating the aspects of agency which were once thought decomposable and independent. A theory of agency for everyday worlds must address the problems that an agent has a limited time to plan, and that an agent must be able to cope with an incomplete domain physics. The Case-based Agency(More)
Much of our everyday activity is not made up of solving isolated problems with single clear-cut goals, but rather dedicated to the ongoing maintenance of many goals or policies such as eating when hungry and maintaining a comfortable personal space. Furthermore, in many complex, dynamic worlds, an agent must maintain many goals at the same time and be able(More)
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