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Nitrogen is a key regulator of primary productivity in many terrestrial ecosystems. Historically, only inorganic N (NH(4)(+) and NO(3)(-)) and L-amino acids have been considered to be important to the N nutrition of terrestrial plants. However, amino acids are also present in soil as small peptides and in D-enantiomeric form. We compared the uptake and(More)
This study integrates the constructs of organisational change strategies, market orientation, top management behaviour, leadership style, learning orientation and business performance. A survey was sent to the top 2,000 organisations within Australia, as defined by annual revenue. Data was analysed using two-stage least squares regression (2SLS). Findings(More)
A recent trial of natural language call steering on live UK calls to the operator is described along with its results. The characteristics of the problem are described along with the acoustic, language, semantic and dialogue modelling approaches employed. Natural language call steering is found to be viable, with recognition and semantic accuracy the(More)
A rationale which demonstrates that the components, conncc-i tions, and constraints define a system that, if implemented, I SAAM (Software Architecture Analysis Method) [4, 51 currently provides a valuable first order anaIysis of software architecture robustness based on scenarios [2] and the interaction between non-functional quality attributes such as(More)
Over the past 20 years, our understanding of soil nitrogen (N) cycling has changed with evidence that amino acids are major substrates for both soil microorganisms and plants. However, the recent discovery that plants and microorganisms can directly utilize small peptides in soil needs to be evaluated for its ecological significance, because peptides are(More)
The use of biochar in agriculture to achieve the dual benefits of improving soil quality whilst sequestering carbon (C) has received much attention. However, in low-intensity broadacre agricultural systems where yield is constrained by rainfall and costs associated with phosphorus (P) fertiliser, the application of biochar at rates commonly reported (>10 t(More)
In this paper, a dialogue system for natural language based call steering is described and studied. The system is based on natural language speech recognition and understanding within a mixed initiative dialogue. The system is implemented on Bell Labs. Speech Technology Integration Platform (BLSTIP) using dialogue and natural language understanding(More)
Keywords: Compound-specific isotope analysis Microbial carbon use efficiency Phospholipid fatty acids Priming Stable carbon isotopes Temperature sensitivity a b s t r a c t Microbial activity has been highlighted as one of the main unknowns controlling the fate and turnover of soil organic matter (SOM) in response to climate change. How microbial community(More)
The Faculty of Commerce Working Paper Series is intended to provide staff and students with a means of communicating new and evolving ideas in order to encourage academic debate. Working papers, as the title suggests, should not necessarily be taken as completed works or final expressions of opinions. All working papers are subject to review prior to(More)