Mark F Timmerman

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Cystatins are physiological inhibitors of cysteine proteinases and they are widely distributed in human tissues and body fluids including saliva. We previously reported an increased cystatin activity in whole saliva of gingivitis and periodontitis subjects. Based on this result we decided to investigate the type and origin of cystatins involved in this(More)
At present, several risk factors for the initiation and progression of periodontitis have been identified. In order to investigate the rôle of various potential clinical and microbiological risk factors and indicators, a longitudinal study was initiated in a young population deprived from regular dental care. The present communication describes the baseline(More)
Sulcular bleeding after stimulation with a periodontal probe has been associated with the presence of an inflammatory lesion in the gingiva. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of the placement of the probe in relation to the tooth surface, and the effect of standardising the probing pressure on the intra- and inter-examiner(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the relative contribution of caries and periodontal disease to tooth loss over 24 years in a cohort deprived of regular dental care. MATERIAL & METHODS The study population consisted of 98 subjects from a tea estate on West Java, Indonesia, that had been part of a prospective longitudinal study and provided full datasets of clinical(More)
The present study primarily aimed at investigating the oral microbiota in smokers and non-smokers with established gingivitis and monitoring its composition during experimental gingivitis. Secondly, it aimed at examining whether the composition of the microbiota is associated with different levels of gingival inflammation during this experimental gingivitis(More)
The aims of the present study were: (1) to establish the incidence of gingival abrasion as a result of toothbrushing, using a manual and electric toothbrush; (2) to establish the influence of filament end-rounding on the incidence of gingival abrasion and the efficacy of toothbrushing; (3) to assess whether the speed of the electric brush has a(More)
The aim of the present study was to investigate the clinical and microbiological effects of initial periodontal therapy in conjunction with systemic amoxicillin plus clavulanic acid in adult periodontitis patients using a double-blind, parallel-group, and placebo-controlled protocol. 21 patients with a clinical diagnosis of generalised adult periodontitis(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the relationship between vitamin C and the severity of periodontitis. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study population consisted of subjects from the Malabar/Purbasari tea estate on West Java, Indonesia. In 2002, clinical measurements were performed in 128 subjects, including evaluation of plaque, bleeding on probing, pocket depth and(More)
BACKGROUND Chlorhexidine (CHX) is widely accepted as the most effective product in the control of supragingival plaque. It is available in different delivery devices. The aim of this study was to test whether 0.12% CHX spray was as effective as 0.2% CHX spray and 0.2% CHX mouthwash in a 3-day "de novo" plaque formation model. METHODS Ninety volunteers(More)
BACKGROUND Various laser systems are currently available for intra-oral use. Neodymium:Yttrium-Aluminium Garnet lasers(Nd:YAG) have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for soft tissue treatment in the oral cavity. OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to test whether the use of a water-cooled Nd:YAG laser during a maintenance care(More)