Mark F. McGranaghan

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This paper discuses the application of the revised IEEE-519 Harmonics standards to typical industrial facilities employing adjustable speed drives (ASDs). The harmonic generation characteristics of ASDs are described. Requirements for control of the harmonic currents are developed as a function of the ASD characteristics, overall plant loading level, power(More)
This paper describes advances in power quality monitoring equipment and software tools for analyzing power quality measurement results. Power quality monitoring has advanced from strictly problem solving to ongoing monitoring of system performance. The increased amount of data being collected requires more advanced analysis tools. Types of power quality(More)
Power quality monitoring has expanded from a means to investigate customer complaints to an integral part of power system performance assessments. Besides special purpose power quality monitors, power quality data are collected from many other monitoring devices on the system (intelligent relays, revenue meters, digital fault recorders, etc.). The result is(More)
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