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The frequency of reversal and dominance of aspect of three versions of an ambiguous Schröder staircase were studied in patients with a diagnosis of either schizophrenia or Parkinson's Disease (PD), and in a mixed group of psychiatric patients before and after prolonged neuroleptic therapy. It was found that schizophrenics perceived the staircases from above(More)
  • M F Ford
  • 1986
Depression is common in Huntington's disease. It is customary to treat such patients with tricyclic antidepressants, although there is disagreement about their effectiveness. The use of monomine oxidase inhibitors for depression in HD has not previously been reported; three cases are described here. MAOIs appear to be of value in the management of(More)
Of 120 consecutive attenders at an oncology outpatients department, 108 were screened for psychological symptoms using the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (Zigmond & Snaith, 1983). Thirty-nine patients had significant scores indicating moderate anxiety and/or depression. We felt that this warranted an offer of group psychotherapy in the belief that(More)
An object-name selection test was administered to 16 newly admitted schizo phrenic, non-schizophrenic psychotic and non-psychotic patients on admission when they were drug-free, and again 4-6 weeks later, following treatment with neuroleptics. Sixteen healthy, drug-free age-matched and sex-matched controls were similarly tested on two occasions 4-6 weeks(More)
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