Mark Edward Huberty

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• We test if and where industrial policy to promote ‘green’ industry development can improve competitiveness in export markets. Proponents of ‘green growth’ have argued that domestic promotion of ‘green’ energy will generate improved comparative advantage in export markets for high-technology goods such as wind turbines or solar cells. If this holds depends(More)
In order to determine the incidence of pre-operative and postoperative deep venous thrombosis (DVT) in patients not receiving prophylactic anticoagulant therapy, bilateral phlebography was performed in a prospective study pre-operatively and on the 9th postoperative day, in 51 consecutive patients submitted for major abdominal surgery. The presence of a DVT(More)
“Big data” has been heralded as the agent of a third industrial revolution–one with raw materials measured in bits, rather than tons of steel or barrels of oil. Yet the industrial revolution transformed not just how firms made things, but the fundamental approach to value creation in industrial economies. To date, big data has not achieved this distinction.(More)
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