Mark E Stelljes

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This paper presents the development of an occupational exposure level (OEL) for n-propylbromide (nPB) using benchmark dose methods. nPB is a non-ozone depleting solvent, proposed under the Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) for use as a precision vapor degreaser. OELs have generally been developed on the basis of a NOAEL or LOAEL and application of(More)
There is an increasing demand for simple toxicological screening methods to assess the human health risk associated with exposure to environmental toxicants. Such screening tools should allow for risk evaluation in terms of both short-term/acute toxicity and longer-term genetic damage, which may lead to mutagenicity and carcinogenicity. We employed a(More)
California overwintering monarch butterflies contain both pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) and theirN-oxides. Analysis of 76 individual monarchs by TLC, HPLC, GLC, and GC-MS has shown the presence of three types of PAs, the saturated diester sarracine, the saturated monoester 7-angelylplatynecine, and the unsaturated dialcohol retronecine. Monarchs arriving at(More)
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