Mark E. Snyder

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—The Domain Name Service (DNS) provides a critical function in directing Internet traffic. Defending DNS servers from bandwidth attacks is assisted by the ability to effectively mine DNS log data for statistical patterns. Processing DNS log data can be classified as a data-intensive problem, and as such presents challenges unique to this class of problem.(More)
PURPOSE Few published studies have simultaneously analyzed multiple prognostic factors to predict recurrence after surgery for conventional clear cell renal cortical carcinomas. We developed and performed external validation of a postoperative nomogram for this purpose. We used a prospectively updated database of more than 1,400 patients treated at a single(More)
We introduce a game-theoretic framework for reasoning about bandwidth attacks, a common form of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. In particular, our traffic injection game models the attacker as a rational but limited-resource entity who uses limited knowledge of traffic patterns to launch IP spoofing based bandwidth attacks on a server. We(More)
Autonomous drones are employed with ever increasing frequency in applications ranging from search and rescue, detection of forest fires, and battlefield/ civilian surveillance. In this paper, we study the effects of limited mobility in such mobile sensor platforms, from the perspective of the effect limited mobility has on coverage effectiveness. We define(More)
Autonomous mobile sensors are employed with ever-increasing frequency, in applications ranging from search and rescue, detection of forest fires, and battlefield surveillance. In this paper, we consider a representative surveillance problem wherein a sparse number of mobile sensors are expected to cover events of interest in a deployment field. Each event(More)
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