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BACKGROUND This study examines relationships between childhood adversity and the presence of characteristic symptoms of schizophrenia. It was hypothesised that total adversity exposures would be significantly higher in individuals exhibiting these symptoms relative to patients without. Recent proposals that differential associations exist between specific(More)
UNLABELLED This narrative review draws upon a broad range of literature, including theory and empirical research, to argue that positive emotions are a useful adjunct to therapy when working with individuals who self-harm. The review highlights how self-harm is often employed as a method of emotion regulation and may be both negatively and positively(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether staff responses to abuse disclosures had improved since the introduction of a trauma policy and training programme. METHOD The files of 250 clients attending four New Zealand mental health centres were audited. RESULTS There was a significant improvement, compared to an audit prior to the introduction of the policy and(More)
Theory and existing research suggest that emotion regulation capabilities develop during the formative years. Emotion dysregulation is associated with psychological distress and may contribute towards difficulties such as personality disorder and self-harm. This study aimed to explore the contexts in which individuals' narratives of emotional experience and(More)
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