Mark E. Peters

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  • Mark E. Peters, Μark G. Ballin, John S. Sakosky, Μark Ballin, S. Snakeskin
  • 2002
This paper discusses the current development of an air traffic operations simulation that supports feasibility research for advanced air traffic management concepts. The Air Traffic Operations Simulation (ATOS) supports the research of future concepts that provide a much greater role for the flight crew in traffic management decision-making. ATOS provides(More)
Aircraft loss-of-control accidents account for about 38% of the fatal accidents in U.S. General Aviation operations each year. Loss-of-control accidents include VFR-into-IMC with subsequent disorientation and loss of aircraft control, low-speed stall-spin accidents in the airport traffic pattern, and high-speed accelerated stall accidents during low-level(More)
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