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Institutional ethics committees are largely absent from the literature on patient safety, but if health service organizations are adequately to address medical error and patient safety, they must change internally from a "culture of blame" to a "culture of safety." This paper (1) looks at the concept of organizational culture as it currently exists and its(More)
  • Mark E Meaney
  • 2004
Institutional ethics committees remain largely absent from the literature on error reduction and patient safety. In this paper, the author endeavors to fill the gap. As noted in the Hastings Center's recent report, "Promoting Patient Safety," the occurrence of medical error involves complex web of multiple factors. Human misstep is certainly one such(More)
  • Mark E Meaney
  • 2006
The author argues that bioethicists must develop alternative approaches to facilitate the study of the conditions for the responsible development of nanotechnologies. Proponents of "sustainability" have developed a useful model to integrate multiple perspectives into the evaluation of the impact of technologies on global ecological integrity under(More)