Mark E.J. Bosselaers

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The family Cetotheriidae has played a major role in recent discussions of baleen whale phylogenetics. Within this group, the enigmatic, monotypic Metopocetus durinasus has been interpreted as transitional between herpetocetines and other members of the family, but so far has been restricted to a single, fragmentary cranium of uncertain provenance and age.(More)
In 1941, Abel established Balaena belgica based on a series of fused cervical vertebrae and citing other cranial fragments from the late Neogene of the Antwerp harbor (northern Belgium). Later, Plisnier-Ladame & Quinet (1969) added a neurocranium and other skeletal remains from the same area to this species. Recently, the neurocranium was re-assigned to the(More)
Administration of polyethylene glycol (PEG, intraperitoneal, 3 ml, 30% solution) to adult male rats (300 g) resulted in an approximately 20% increment in plasma volume (PV) 24 h after PEG injection. When these animals were exercised (9.14 m/min, level treadmill) in a warm (30 degrees C, 30-40% relative humidity) environment, their mean endurance was(More)
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