Mark E. Hoffman

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Do new college students already know much of what has previously been taught in our computer literacy courses (assuming a functional definition of knowledge according to which students are proficient with personal computer and Internet applications)? We conducted a survey of incoming first-year students at Quinnipiac University to learn not only their skill(More)
Writing in Computer Science education is typically writing to communicate to a professional audience--also known as "writing in the discipline." (WID) A few Computer Science educators have promoted "writing to learn" (WTL) for active learning. A gap exists between these two forms of writing that inhibits the general adoption of writing in Computer Science.(More)
A recent study of new software developers at Microsoft reveals the significance and integration of communication skills in their daily tasks. While the literature offers a variety of approaches to promote the integration of communication skills into the Computer Science curriculum, a discrepancy remains between what students get and what they need. In this(More)
We administered a computer literacy survey of our incoming, first-year students for the past three years. Our purpose was not to measure application skill levels, but to understand students' perception of their own skills, to identify from whom they learned how to perform a set of technology tasks, and to understand how access to different Internet(More)
Scrum is one of the many agile approaches to software development that have been widely adopted over the past decade. Agile processes allow developers to embrace under-defined problems in complex environments where change in requirements is inevitable. The key agile features of Scrum are a flexible, adaptive schedule; democratic, collaborative teams; and(More)
Students frequently use a whiteboard to individually demonstrate understanding or interactively develop understanding in groups. The practice is employed to develop content knowledge; however, an opportunity to intentionally develop communication skills is overlooked. On the other hand, instructors carefully integrate instructional organization and(More)
The fact that employers regularly list communication skills among their top requirements for graduates of Computer Science programs and that communication skills are specifically included in ABET program outcomes attests to their significance for Computer Science educators. To prepare students, Computer Science programs typically require students to take a(More)