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The transcriptional coactivator peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma coactivator-1beta (PGC-1beta) has been implicated in important metabolic processes. A mouse lacking PGC-1beta (PGC1betaKO) was generated and phenotyped using physiological, molecular, and bioinformatic approaches. PGC1betaKO mice are generally viable and metabolically healthy.(More)
The nuclear receptor peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma (PPARgamma) is critically required for adipogenesis. PPARgamma exists as two isoforms, gamma1 and gamma2. PPARgamma2 is the more potent adipogenic isoform in vitro and is normally restricted to adipose tissues, where it is regulated more by nutritional state than PPARgamma1. To elucidate(More)
Team Cornell's Skynet is an autonomous Chevrolet Tahoe built to compete in the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge. Skynet consists of many unique subsystems, including actua-tion and power distribution designed in-house, a tightly coupled attitude and position es-timator, a novel obstacle detection and tracking system, a system for augmenting position estimates(More)
This paper presents new variational Bayes (VB) approximations for learning probabilistic discriminative models with latent softmax variables, such as subclass-based multimodal softmax and mixture of experts models. The VB approximations derived here lead to closed-form approximate parameter posteriors and suitable metrics for model selection. Unlike other(More)
The development of autonomous vehicles for urban driving has seen rapid progress in the past 30 years. This paper provides a summary of the current state of the art in autonomous driving in urban environments, based primarily on the experiences of the authors in the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge (DUC). The paper briefly summarizes the approaches that different(More)
Midway through the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge, MIT's autonomous Land Rover LR3 'Talos' and Team Cornell's autonomous Chevrolet Tahoe 'Skynet' collided in a low-speed accident, one of the first well-documented collisions between two full-size autonomous vehicles. This collaborative study between MIT and Cor-nell examines the root causes of the collision,(More)
We investigated the effect of familiarity on people's perception of facial likeness by asking participants to choose which of two mirror-symmetric chimeric images (made from the left or right half of a photograph of a face) looked more like an original image. In separate trials the participants made this judgment for their own face and for the face of a(More)
Multiple, highly autonomous, satellite systems are envisioned in the near future because they are capable of higher performance, lower cost, better fault tolerance, reconfigurability and upgradability. This paper presents an architecture and multi-agent design and simulation environment that will enable agent-based multi-satellite systems to fulfill their(More)
This paper develops a probabilistic anticipation algorithm for dynamic objects observed by an autonomous robot in an urban environment. Predictive Gaussian mixture models are used due to their ability to probabilistically capture continuous and discrete obstacle decisions and behaviors; the predictive system uses the probabilistic output (state estimate and(More)