Mark E Barry

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The surgical approaches to the cavernous sinus were examined in 50 adult cadaveric cavernous sinuses using magnification of X3 to X40. The following approaches were examined: 1) the superior intradural approach directed through a frontotemporal craniotomy and the roof of the cavernous sinus; 2) the superior intradural approach combined with an extradural(More)
The anterior perforating arteries, the group of arteries that enter the brain through the anterior perforated substance (APS), were examined using X 3 to X 40 magnification in 50 cerebral hemispheres obtained from 25 adult cadavers. These arteries arose from the internal carotid, middle and anterior cerebral, and the anterior choroidal arteries. The carotid(More)
The microsurgical anatomy of the superficial cortical veins was examined in 20 cerebral hemispheres. The superficial cortical veins are divided into three groups based on whether they drain the lateral, medial, or inferior surface of the hemisphere. The veins on the three surfaces are further subdivided on the basis of the lobe and cortical area that they(More)
The anatomy needed to plan microoperative approaches to the lateral ventricles was examined in 20 cadaveric cerebral hemispheres. The neural, arterial, and venous structures in the walls of the lateral ventricles and the relationship of the lateral ventricles to the third ventricle and basal cisterns were examined. The operative approaches to the lateral(More)
The microsurgical anatomy of the tentorial incisura was evaluated in 25 adult cadavers using X 3 to X 40 magnification. The area surrounding the incisura is divided into the anterior, middle, and posterior incisural spaces. The anterior incisural space is located anterior to the brain stem and extends upward around the optic chiasm to the subcallosal area;(More)
The microsurgical anatomy of the choroidal fissure was examined in 25 cadaveric heads. The choroidal fissure, the site of attachment of the choroid plexus in the lateral ventricle, is located between the fornix and thalamus in the medial part of the lateral ventricle. The choroidal fissure is divided into three parts: (a) a body portion situated in the body(More)
Misuse of medications is a serious problem in developing countries where drug sales are not regulated. This study assessed drug knowledge and use in a rural Ghanaian town. We surveyed health care workers and a community population sample regarding knowledge and use of available drugs. Although drugs were used by a large percentage of the population, only a(More)