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Introduction Ontologies are becoming increasingly important because they provide the critical semantic foundation for many rapidly expanding technologies such as software agents, e-commerce and knowledge management (McGuinness, 2001). The Unified Modeling Language (UML) 1 has been widely adopted by the software engineering community and its scope is(More)
Questions have recently been raised regarding the potency of purified protein derivative (PPD) RT-23, the tuberculin most widely used world-wide for skin testing. We performed simultaneous testing with PPD RT-23 and Tubersol to compare these reagents during a tuberculin survey of 202 adult health care workers at a large teaching hospital in 1997.(More)
While research in knowledge representation, ontologies, and related environments has a rich history, interest is just beginning to extend to the broader business community. Emerging applications in collaboration, application integration, web services, and content management require large, complex ontologies that must be built and maintained by distributed(More)
The Ontology Definition Metamodel (ODM) defines a set of UML metamodels and profiles for development of RDF and OWL. The UML profiles in the ODM specification adapt UML notations to provide a form of visual representation for RDF and OWL. Recently, the ODM Revision Task Force (RTF) has been focused on addressing remaining open issues and usability concerns(More)
! Knowledge engineering is the application of logic and ontology to the task of building computable models of some domain for some purpose. – John Sowa ! Knowledge representation means that knowledge is formalized in a symbolic form, that is, to find a symbolic expression that can be interpreted. – Klein and Methlie ! The Semantic Web is the abstract(More)
The Ontology Definition Metamodel (ODM) 1 has been used as a basis for ontology development as well as for generation of OWL ontologies and Java-based production rules that together form a part of the run-time fabric of a context-aware application. Issues encountered in ODM-based ontology, source code and rules generation highlight the need for enhancements(More)
This paper contains a taxonomy of the uses of ontologies, intended as motivation for the Ontology Definition Metamodel development effort by the Object Management Group. It describes several usage scenarios for ontologies and proposes example applications for use in these scenarios. Many of the scenarios and applications are based on efforts currently(More)
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