Mark Dougherty

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A hybrid method of short-term traffic forecasting is introduced; the KARIMA method. The technique uses a Kohonen self-organizing map as an initial classifier; each class has an individually tuned ARIMA model associated with it. Using a Kohonen map which is hexagonal in layout eases the problem of defining the classes. The explicit separation of the tasks of(More)
Test sequences in a test battery for Parkinson’s disease patients, consisting of self-assessments and motor tests, were carried out repeatedly in a telemedicine setting, during week-long test periods and results were summarized in an ‘overall score’. 35 patients in stable and fluctuating conditions (15 age- and gender-matched pairs) used the test battery(More)
A test battery for assessing patient state in advanced Parkinson's disease, consisting of self-assessments and motor tests, was constructed and implemented on a hand computer with touch screen in a telemedicine setting. The aim of this work was to construct an assessment device, applicable during motor fluctuations in the patient's home environment.(More)
This paper presents an overview of the road and traffic sign detection and recognition. It describes the characteristics of the road signs, the requirements and difficulties behind road signs detection and recognition, how to deal with outdoor images, and the different techniques used in the image segmentation based on the colour analysis, shape analysis.(More)
OBJECTIVES The rapid finger-tapping test (RFT) is an important method for clinical evaluation of movement disorders, including Parkinson's disease (PD). In clinical practice, the naked-eye evaluation of RFT results in a coarse judgment of symptom scores. We introduce a novel computer-vision (CV) method for quantification of tapping symptoms through motion(More)
A test battery, consisting of self-assessments and motor tests (tapping and spiral drawing tasks) was used on 9482 test occasions by 62 patients with advanced Parkinson's disease (PD) in a telemedicine setting. On each test occasion, three Archimedes spirals were traced. A new computer method, using wavelet transforms and principal component analysis(More)
This paper describes a web-based system for enabling remote monitoring of patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) and supporting clinicians in treating their patients. The system consists of a patient node for subjective and objective data collection based on a handheld computer, a service node for data storage and processing, and a web application for data(More)
This paper summarises the results of using image processing technique to get information about the load of timber trucks before their arrival using digital images or geo tagged images. Once the images are captured and sent to sawmill by drivers from forest, we can predict their arrival time using geo tagged coordinates, count the number of (timber) logs(More)