Mark Dominik Alscher

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BACKGROUND The medical history is acknowledged as the sine qua non for quality medical care because recognizing problems is pre-requisite for managing them. Medical histories typically are incomplete and inaccurate, however. We show here that computers are a solution to this issue of information gathering about patients. Computers can be programmed to(More)
A rise in osmotic concentration (osmolarity) activates the transcription factor Nuclear Factor of Activated T Cells 5 (NFAT5, also known as Tonicity-responsive Enhancer Binding Protein, TonEBP). This is part of a regulatory mechanism of cells adjusting to environments of high osmolarity. Under physiological conditions these are particularly important in the(More)
OBJECTIVES Unplanned dialysis start (UPS) leads to worse clinical outcomes than planned start, and only a minority of patients ever receive education on this topic and are able to make a modality choice, particularly for home dialysis. This study aimed to determine the predictive factors for patients receiving education, making a decision, and receiving(More)
BACKGROUND Diagnosis of encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis (EPS) is based on clinical symptoms, radiologic findings, and macroscopic or histological criteria. Two diagnostic scores for radiologic findings in computed tomography (CT) scans of patients with EPS have been established in the past (by Tarzi et al and Vlijm et al). The macroscopic appearance of(More)
Introduction. The HCV infection is a common disease with many chronically infected patients worldwide. So far, the standard therapy of a chronic HCV infection consisted of interferon as single therapy or in combination with ribavirin. After approval of the two protease inhibitors, boceprevir and telaprevir, the standard therapy for patients with genotype 1(More)
BACKGROUND Intoxication with ethylene glycol happen all around the world and without rapid recognition and early treatment, mortality from this is high. METHODS In our study, we retrospectively analysed six cases of ethylene glycol intoxication in our department. We measured ethylene glycol or glycolate levels, lactate levels and calculated the osmolal(More)
The knowledge base fort he practice of medicine is growing exponentially. To digest the available new information, a practitioner had to read almost all of his time and would not be able to treat patients. Since the economic burden is pressing doctors to see more patients in a shortage of time, the quality of the so-called evidence based medicine in(More)
Bei einer Wissensverdopplung der Medizin von unter 10 Jahren ist ein medizinischer Erkenntniszuwachs zwangsläufig auch auf die Analyse historischer Daten angewiesen. Die dem vorliegenden Beitrag zugrunde liegenden Datenbanken umfassen die Krankheitsbilder des Mammakarzinoms, Bronchialkarzinoms, kolorektalen Karzinoms, der verkapselnden Peritonealsklerose(More)
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