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In previous work, we have presented a novel global feasibility solver for the large system of quadratic constraints that arise as subproblems in the solving of hard hybrid problems, such as the scheduling of refineries. In this paper we present the Gradient Optimal Constraint Equation Subdivision (GOCES) algorithm, which incorporates a standard NLP solver(More)
Scientists conducting polar research in Antarctica must contend with harsh environmental conditions that constrain their movements and raise their costs. One on going challenge is choosing cache sites for aircraft refueling. Given a data-gathering mission (e.g. set of flight destinations), aircraft fuel-consumption model, and infrastructure (e.g. base and(More)
In a passing reference, Mark David Dietz suggests that his approach in this book is somewhat " Shandyan " (p. 38), an allusion to Laurence Sterne " s eighteenth-century novel, Tristram Shandy. Stern " s novel has puzzled, provoked, and entertained readers since its publication, and it continues to pose a challenge to literary classification. The text is(More)
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