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We explore the complexity of tiling finite subsets of the plane, which we call layouts, with a finite set of tiles. The tiles are inspired by Wang tiles and the domino game piece. Each tile is composed of a pair of faces. Each face is colored with one of possible colors. We want to know if a given layout is tileable by a given set of dominoes. In a tiling,(More)
Cd(3)As(2) is a candidate three-dimensional Dirac semimetal which has exceedingly high mobility and nonsaturating linear magnetoresistance that may be relevant for future practical applications. We report magnetotransport and tunnel diode oscillation measurements on Cd(3)As(2), in magnetic fields up to 65 T and temperatures between 1.5 and 300 K. We find(More)
A prototypical single-molecule chemical-field-effect transistor is presented, in which the current through a hybrid-molecular diode is modified by nanometer-sized charge transfer complexes covalently linked to a molecule in an STM junction. The effect is attributed to an interface dipole which shifts the substrate work function by approximately 120 meV. It(More)
Uniaxially aligned, thin films of a discotic columnar thermotropic liquid crystalline material can be prepared by a simple solution zone-casting method, without the need for modified surfaces or traditional alignment techniques. Atomic force microscopy together with X-ray diffraction reveals single-crystalline-like order over several square centimeters, far(More)
Cyclophanes with the largest-to-date polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene, HBC) to be entrained in such a structural motif are reported. The two disks are covalently captured by intermolecular ring-closing olefin metathesis of dienes in good yield. DSC, optical microscopy, and WAXD show the new cyclophanes to self-assemble to(More)
Hexakis (4-iodophenyl)-peri-hexabenzocoronene (5), a novel functionalizable mesogenic building block, was prepared by rational multistep synthesis. Although sparingly soluble in common solvents, it can be obtained in pure form and then functionalized via Hagihara-Sonogashira coupling to give a series of highly ordered columnar liquid crystalline molecules(More)