Mark D. Spiller

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<italic>Increasing size and geographical separation of design data and teams has created a need for a network-based electronic design environment that is scaleable, adaptable, secure, highly available, and cost effective. In the WELD project we are evaluating aspects of the network integration and communication infrastructure needed to enable such a(More)
Digital computer networks are playing an increasingly important role in the evaluation, distribution, integration and management of EDA systems. Tools, libraries, design data, and a variety of both design and manufacturing services are accessible today via networks. Networks are also playing a central role in the integration of system design teams, teams(More)
This project brings together ve distributed university-based participants, each contributing unique models and architectures of client/server implementations that support one or more design phases in a distributed collaborative environment.ticated data packing mechanism for passing complex objects between the client/server with minimum programming eeort.(More)
This paper reports an experimental study of iris wound-healing and the response of iris tissue in baboons to different suture materials following a planned surgical incision. The wound was sutured with 8-0 virgin silk, 22 mum Ethilon or 7-0 chromacised catgut, or left unsutured. The iris produces a minimal inflammatory response to aseptic trauma(More)
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