Mark D. Reckase

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This design experiment addresses the question: How can second-grade students from low-SES schools attain the same levels of achievement as students from high-SES schools on standards-based social studies and content area literacy assessments? Students from two high-SES school districts were assessed in order to establish target levels of achievement. Two(More)
This study investigates the role of parenting in adolescent drug use for black, white and Latino adolescents. Parenting has been consistently identified as a crucial factor in drug use by adolescents. This study uses data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health. Results show that parenting has a significant effect on drug use for these(More)
Residency educators are identifying approaches to measure resident competence. Portfolios are well suited since they require work already completed as part of patient care where competency must be demonstrated. This paper describes assessment of the reliability and validity of portfolios in a psychiatry residency program. This was a cross-sectional study(More)
This study provided initial validity evidence for multidimensional measures of coaching competency derived from the Coaching Competency Scale (CCS). Data were collected from intercollegiate men's (n = 8) and women's (n = 13) soccer and women's ice hockey teams (n = 11). The total number of athletes was 585. Within teams, a multidimensional internal model(More)
How Do Principals Assign Students to Teachers? Finding Evidence in Administrative Data and the Implications for Value-Added The federal government’s Race to the Top competition has promoted the adoption of testbased performance measures as a component of teacher evaluations throughout many states, but the validity of these measures has been controversial(More)
We study the properties of two specification tests that have been applied to a variety of estimators in the context of value-added measures (VAMs) of teacher and school quality: the Hausman test for choosing between random and fixed effects and a test for feedback (sometimes called a “falsification test”). We discuss theoretical properties of the tests to(More)
This paper investigates how the precision and stability of a teacher’s value-added estimate relates to the characteristics of the teacher’s students. Using a large administrative data set and a variety of teacher value-added estimators, it finds that the stability over time of teacher value-added estimates can depend on the previous achievement level of a(More)
This study extended validity evidence for multidimensional measures of coaching competency derived from the Coaching Competency Scale (CCS; Myers, Feltz, Maier, Wolfe, & Reckase, 2006) by examining use of the original rating scale structure and testing how measures related to satisfaction with the head coach within teams and between teams. Motivation, game(More)
School districts and state departments of education frequently must choose between a variety of methods to estimating teacher quality. This paper examines under what circumstances the decision between estimators of teacher quality is important. We examine estimates derived from growth percentile measure and estimates derived from commonly used valued-added(More)