Mark D. Nelson

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Large-scale and long-term habitat management plans are needed to maintain the diversity of habitat classes required by wildlife species. Planning efforts would benefit from assessments of potential climate and land-use change effects on habitats. We assessed climate and land-use driven changes in areas of closed-and open-canopy forest across the Northeast(More)
In this research, we explore the defragmentation of allocated compute resources so as to conserve energy on an IBM Blue Gene/Q. We examine a real trace from a new four-rack system and explore through simulation three heuristics to minimise energy waste through defragmentation. We describe a number of heuristics for detecting when it is desirable from an(More)
We assessed the consistency across space and time of spatially explicit models of forest presence and biomass in southern Missouri, USA, for adjacent, partially overlapping satellite image Path/Rows, and for coincident satellite images from the same Path/Row acquired in different years. Such consistency in satellite image-based classification and estimation(More)
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