Stephen F. Brockmeier8
Brian C. Werner8
Craig Steinmaus6
Joseph M. Hart6
8Stephen F. Brockmeier
8Brian C. Werner
6Craig Steinmaus
6Joseph M. Hart
6David R. Diduch
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We report an empirical study of people using mobile collaborative systems to support maintenance tasks on a bicycle. Results show that field workers make repairs more quickly and accurately when they have a remote expert helping them. Some pairs were connected by a shared video system, where the video camera focused on the active workspace and they(More)
BACKGROUND There is increasing evidence in humans and in experimental animals for a relationship between exposure to specific environmental chemicals and perturbations in levels of critically important thyroid hormones (THs). Identification and proper interpretation of these relationships are required for accurate assessment of risk to public health. (More)
BACKGROUND Findings from a recent large study suggest that perchlorate at commonly occurring exposure concentrations may decrease thyroid hormone levels in some women. Decreases in thyroid hormone seen with perchlorate exposure could be even greater in people with concomitant exposure to agents such as thiocyanate that may affect the thyroid by mechanisms(More)
BACKGROUND Non-operative management of midshaft clavicle fractures is standard; however, surgical management is increasing. The purpose of this study is to compare the biomechanical performance of plate versus intramedullary fixation in cyclic bending for matched pairs of cadaveric clavicles. We hypothesized that the biomechanical properties are similar. (More)
BACKGROUND Disruption of fundamental biologic processes and associated signaling events may result in clinically significant alterations in lung development. OBJECTIVES We reviewed evidence on the impact of environmental chemicals on lung development and key signaling events in lung morphogenesis, and the relevance of potential outcomes to public health(More)
All-inside meniscal repair has become a popular technique. The number of meniscal repairs done in the United States has increased dramatically since the introduction of the Meniscal Arrow (Linvatec Corp, Largo, FL). Although these devices are easy to use, there have been several compliations reported with their use. Newer devices (Mitek RapidLoc and Smith(More)
An interdisciplimary research group at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) is investigating the design and usefulness of mobile CSCW systems for the support of distributed diagnosis, repair, and redesign of large vehicles, such as aircraft and trains. These systems incorporate diagnostic aids, on-line maintenance manuals, schematic drawings, and(More)
OBJECTIVE Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) in elderly persons is highly prevalent, but little is known about its course, age at onset, and relationship to comorbid major depressive disorder (MDD). The authors assessed the course and comorbidity of late-life GAD and MDD. METHODS Authors assessed elderly subjects in anxiety or depression intervention(More)
  • Brian C. Werner, Frank W. Gwathmey, Carl J. Gilmore, Mark D. Miller
  • 2013
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