Mark D. Kilgus

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OBJECTIVE To examine racial differences in 352 psychiatric inpatients, aged 12 to 18 years, at a state hospital facility that accepted admissions from throughout South Carolina. These were all the adolescent admissions during an entire calendar year (1988). There were 101 African-American and 251 white subjects. METHOD The data were abstracted from(More)
of the study in writing or in court room testimony without having read the detailed results section of the article. 2. Lack of Inferential Statistical Testing of Hypotheses A lack of inferential statistical test of a hypothesis weakens the reliability of a study. Among the seventeen studies of children of homosexual parents identified in this review, seven(More)
Thirteen male patients consecutively admitted to an inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation hospital with the primary diagnosis of crack cocaine dependence were shown a 30-minute videotape that included salient environmental cues intended to elicit cocaine craving. The subjects were tested before and after the videotape by the use of a continuous 20-cm(More)
We compared psychiatrists' evaluations of Emergency Department (ED) mental health patients made face-to-face or by telemedicine. In a 39-month study, 73 patients presenting in the ED were enrolled after initial screening. Patients were interviewed by a psychiatrist either face-to-face in the ED or remotely by video. A second psychiatrist, acting as an(More)
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