Mark D Everson

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The level of maternal support to incest victims following disclosure was found to be more closely related to perpetrator than to child characteristics. Lack of maternal support was significantly associated with foster placement and higher psychopathology scores in a clinical interview. Evidence is presented challenging the validity of maternal behavioral(More)
This study sought to broaden research findings linking maltreatment to sexualized behaviors by investigating whether maltreatment experiences other than sexual abuse predict such behaviors. The sample included 690 children without reported sexual abuse histories who are participants in the LONGSCAN Consortium, a prospective multisite investigation of(More)
The frequency of false allegations of sexual abuse by children and adolescents is of significant legal and clinical importance. The rate of false allegations of sexual abuse is examined in a large sample of Child Protective Services (CPS) cases. The criteria used by CPS workers in judging the validity of allegations are considered, and the relationship(More)
The use of anatomical dolls in sexual abuse evaluations remains controversial because of concerns that the dolls induce normal, nonabused children to act out in sexual ways that are likely to be misinterpreted as evidence of sexual abuse. This study examines the incidence of explicit sexual doll play in a large, demographically diverse sample of 2- to(More)
Verbal and nonverbal responses by alleged victims of child sexual abuse were coded for length, amount of information, and the manner in which they were elicited by the interviewer. In 16 of the interviews, anatomical dolls were employed for the purposes of demonstration, whereas they were not used in another eight cases matched with respect to other(More)
Through an extensive review of guidelines and protocols on the use of anatomical dolls in sexual abuse evaluations, seven functional uses of the dolls were identified: Comforter, Icebreaker, Anatomical Model, Demonstration Aid, Memory Stimulus, Diagnostic Screen, and Diagnostic Test. These functional uses are discussed in light of several criticisms that(More)
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