Mark D. Campbell

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We investigated the effect of familiarity on people's perception of facial likeness by asking participants to choose which of two mirror-symmetric chimeric images (made from the left or right half of a photograph of a face) looked more like an original image. In separate trials the participants made this judgment for their own face and for the face of a(More)
We investigated hemispheric asymmetries in face processing using a task in which participants judged the likeness of chimeric faces to their own face and to the face of a close friend based on their memory for those faces. When asked to choose which of two mirror-symmetric images (one made from the left half and one from the right half of a photograph of(More)
It is well documented that the majority of adults, children and families in need of evidence-based behavioral health interventions i do not receive them [1, 2] and that few robust empirically supported methods for implementing evidence-based practices (EBPs) exist. The Society for Implementation Research Collaboration (SIRC) represents a burgeoning effort(More)
— Recently developed control techniques extend the traditional H∞ framework to periodic linear time-varying systems. This paper applies these techniques to the problem of asymptotic stabilization of an unstable orbit. The problem of stabilization of a spacecraft placed in an unstable orbit about the interior Sun-Earth libration point is considered and it is(More)
  • Kim Luu, Afrl, +19 authors Stanford Bob Twiggs
  • 1999
A new way to perform space missions utilizes the concept of clusters of satellites that cooperate to perform the function of a larger, single satellite. Each smaller satellite communicates with the others and shares the processing, communications, and payload or mission functions. The required functionality is thus spread across the satellites in the(More)
ii Dedicated to my wife and children Lisa, Kira, and Samuel who daily bring me joy. iii Acknowledgements I am indebted to many people without whom this work would neither have been begun nor completed. My adviser, Dr. Robert Pettus, has for several years offered a tremendous amount of support and guidance of my doctoral study. Without his gentle challenging(More)