Mark Crimmins

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Recent research has concluded that forest wildfires in the western United States are becoming larger and more frequent. A more significant question may be whether the ecosystem impacts of wildfire are also increasing. We show that a large area (approximately 120000 km2) of California and western Nevada experienced a notable increase in the extent of forest(More)
If publication rates are an accurate guide to popularity, then these days the two most popular approaches to belief ascription are Millianism and Contextualism. The former approach is inconsistent with the existence of ordinary Frege cases, such as Lois believing that Superman flies while failing to believe that Clark Kent flies. The Millian holds that the(More)
in his book Slaves of the Passions, Mark Schroeder offers a theory of reasons providing both an analysis of what it is for an agent to have a reason to act in some way and an analysis of how the relative weights of an agent’s reasons are determined. This paper investigates an important tension between these two components of Schroeder’s account, one that(More)
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