Mark Criddle

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We present a bolus method of inert-gas delivery to the lungs that facilitates application of multiple inert gases and the multiple inert-gas-exchange technique (MIGET) model to noninvasive measurements of cardiac output (CO) and central mixed venous oxygen content Reduction in recirculation error is made possible by 1) replacement of sinusoidal input(More)
A bolus method for noninvasive measurement of cardiac output (CO) and mixed venous oxygen content (O2) has been tested against absolute CO and O2 standards in dogs. No statistical differences in CO were found between bolus method and electromagnetic flowmeter measurement comparisons in an 18-dog study in which CO varied from 0. 5 to 3.0 l/min. The SD for(More)
Alveolar gas and mixed venous blood PCO2 and PO2 were compared in a steady-state rebreathing dog preparation, during spontaneous breathing and mechanical ventilation, by a new null-balancing method that removes potential biases in the comparison of measurements in the blood and gas phases and includes an inert gas test to verify the equilibration between(More)
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