Mark Christon

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Fully vectorized versions of the Los Alamos National Laboratory benchmark code <italic>Gamteb</italic>, a Monte Carlo photon transport algorithm, were developed for the Cyber 205/ETA-10 and Cray X-MP/Y-MP architectures. Single-processor performance measurements of the vector and scalar implementations were modeled in a modified Amdahl's Law that accounts(More)
PDS/PIO is a lightweight, parallel interface designed to support efficient transfers of massive, grid-based, simulation data among memory, disk, and tape subsystems. The higher-level PDS (Parallel Data Set) interface manages data with tensor and unstructured grid abstractions, while the lower-level PIO (Parallel Input/Output) interface accesses data arrays(More)
Existing approaches in multiscale science and engineering have evolved from a range of ideas and solutions that are reflective of their original problem domains. As a result, research in multiscale science has followed widely diverse and disjoint paths, which presents a barrier to cross pollination of ideas and application of methods outside their(More)
Advanced modeling and simulation has enabled the design of a variety of innovative products and the analysis of numerous complex phenomenon. However, significant barriers exist to widespread adoption of these tools. In particular, advanced modeling and simulation: (1) is considered complex to use, (2) needs in-house expertise, and (3) requires high capital(More)
The implementation of a fully vectorized 3-D finite element model on the CRAY X-MP/Y-MP architecture is presented. Issues involved in vectorizing the computationally intensive modules of the finite element model are discussed. Fully vectorized numerical integration coupled with a preconditioned conjugate gradient linear system solver results in an(More)
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